Benchmark Analytics

Measure for growth

You need to know where you are today and how to maintain your baseline. Our fact-based approach can help you optimize your best opportunities for improvement and nurture your growth. Through comparative measurement, you can transform your business initiatives and demonstrate progress.

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Understand your current state and identify pertinent opportunities to propel growth by asking:

  • Is your IT spending aligned with your performance and value goals?
  • Can you independently prove that you are delivering value for money?
  • Can you sustain your baseline costs and identify improvement areas?

Internal operations benchmarks:

  • IT and business leader budget baseline: Cost control is a must-have for any enterprise. Leadership is increasingly focusing on value creation via employee productivity, customer retention and competitive advantage.
  • New-CIO baseline: You need a baseline to understand what you have inherited, identify your focus areas and determine how you can measure the impact of your strategy.
  • Applications cost, staffing and productivity: Assessing the productivity and cost-efficiency of applications enables you to demonstrate the value of IT spending and prioritize future application spending.
  • Infrastructure cost and staffing efficiency: Understanding and comparing performance and support of IT network, storage and infrastructure allow you to present IT value and cost optimization opportunities to the business.
  • Security risk, maturity and spending: Assess the effectiveness of your security budgets and execution to determine the investments and initiatives required to achieve acceptable risk tolerance.
  • Customer satisfaction: Measuring IT’s efficiency and effectiveness by evaluating end-user satisfaction with IT services enables you to prioritize efforts and optimally use your resources to improve future satisfaction levels.

Know the market competitiveness of your service contracts by asking:

  • Can you prove that the terms of your contracts are good?
  • Do you have the necessary market insights for contract renegotiations?
  • Can you measure the performance and price of your service provider?

Market perspective benchmarks:

  • Market price baseline: Gain valuable insight into operational efficiencies and cost reduction considerations by understanding the competitive market price ranges for services, thereby effectively demonstrating the value of IT to the business.
  • Contract price competitiveness: Achieve the best value and efficiencies from an outsourced investment by assessing the price competitiveness of a provider’s contract against comparable peers.
  • Service catalog rates: Make informed decisions on cost efficiencies by ensuring that chargeback unit prices are aligned to the market or other internal providers.
  • Market cloud baseline: Understand the market maturity of cloud solutions and ensure their commercial competitiveness.
  • Business effectiveness: Demonstrate how IT’s effectiveness in the execution of mission-critical priorities helps identify opportunities to better align the IT organization with the enterprise to optimize value and results.