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Build an effective communications roadmap to drive employee performance

Communications leaders struggle to align talent management strategy with corporate strategy

Sixty-one percent of executives believe that their company struggles to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and day-to-day implementation. To step up to the increasingly strategic role of the communications function, executives need to set clear expectations for communicator competencies, identify loopholes and actively build a team that will support the function’s long-term success. The key is to provide relevant and valuable development opportunities to keep individuals engaged.

61% of executives believe that their company struggles to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and day-to-day implementation

The nice thing about the Gartner tool is that the skills assessment gives you suggested next steps; it has real actionable personal development plans. And I’ve been tracking those and seeing those work through.

Jon Peet

Head of Corporate Communications, Nokia

Employee engagement is not an end goal, but a means to improve employee performance

Employees are the key drivers of organizational growth. Only 8% of communications leaders believe they have the right set of skills on their staff to meet organizational demands. The three important drivers of employee performance are employees’ commitment to their co-workers, and their understanding of the organizational goals and how those goals connect to their work. Gartner can help you learn how to boost workplace productivity and drive business growth by effectively engaging employees.

8% of communications leaders believe their staff has the right skill sets to meet organizational demand

Insights you can use

The traditional communications skill set is quickly being surpassed by a need for emerging skills such as collaboration, agility and business acumen. Communications leaders must work to understand these new skills and learn how to identify and nurture them within their teams to ensure they’re fit for purpose. Gartner research provides crucial insights into the communications function, as well as the best tools to help you drive employee performance and organizational growth.

Develop effective employee engagement strategies

Communications skills must evolve to meet the demands of a highly networked and ever-changing stakeholder environment. Learn about the latest communications trends to drive employee performance. 

Engage employees through digital dexterity

Communications leaders must provide employees with information to help them actively engage with corporate strategy. Learn how to steer organizational success by aligning employees with digital business transformation.

Shape organizational culture to embrace change

A changing business environment puts greater demands on communications. Understand how to influence employee performance during organizational transformation.

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In times of change, effectively managing change communications

Simon Hardaker is Head of Internal Communications & Engagement at AWE Management Ltd. In this video, he talks about how Gartner’s skills assessment tools and research helped him develop his team’s capabilities, and how he has empowered managers throughout the company to become effective communicators during times of change.

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Gartner’s communications experts combine industry experience with research expertise. Meet a few of our leaders.

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