Customer Service and Support’s Role in Cost Optimization

Drive enterprisewide cost optimization and reduction

Self-service reduces cost without sacrificing customer experience

Given the associated cost-saving opportunities, service leaders should shift from live service interactions and fully commit to becoming self-service-dominant. Gartner research reveals that customers don’t have strong channel preferences, and they prioritize obtaining a resolution above all else. Therefore, service organizations should build and optimize their self-service capabilities to achieve resolution where feasible.

As a company, we decided to prioritize self-service. This has helped us transform to a majority self-service organization, reducing customer service expenses by 23% and allowing us to reinvest in more functionality and higher skilled staff while also giving money back to the company.
Director of self-service, large multilevel marketing organization

Cost optimization goes beyond cost cutting

To maximize cost savings, service leaders should pursue cost optimization through both function-specific and enterprisewide programs. Cost optimization should be an always-on discipline that regularly identifies, vets and prioritizes opportunities that maximize business value while reducing costs — and not just during times of heightened cost pressure. 

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From helping customer service and support functions drive baseline efficiencies to creating a sustainable cost optimization roadmap, Gartner makes sure that cost optimization is an ongoing, effectively communicated, strategic discipline rather than an emergency-driven project or one-time undertaking.

Digital Twin for Cost Optimization

Digital business and cost optimization initiatives require visibility and situational
awareness. Organizations can use digital twins (digital representations of a real-world entities or systems) of their business operating models to guide program and project planning and to monitor transformation.

Driving Cost Optimization Across the Enterprise

Customer service and support leaders who guide cost optimization efforts should build a cost optimization strategy that incorporates long-term value and more immediate spend efficiency, with far-reaching implications for business objectives as well as spending.

Effectively Communicating Cost Optimization Across the Enterprise

Customer service and support leaders must be capable influencers when communicating cost optimization to stakeholders. Gartner recommends a disciplined approach to communications, beginning with a strategy that comprises five key actions.

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