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Akif Khan

VP Analyst

Akif Khan, Ph.D, is a VP Analyst within Gartner Research focused on:

-Identity proofing in digital channels: how do you gain sufficient confidence in the identity of a user?

-Preventing accounting takeover (ATO): how do you detect and stop attackers logging into a victim's account?

-Malicious bot mitigation: how do you stop attackers using bots at scale to carry out ATO and other activities?

Previous experience

Previously, Dr. Khan has designed and implemented online payment and fraud prevention solutions for retailers globally while serving in leadership roles at companies such as Visa, CyberSource, Bitnet and Loylogic where he has been responsible for a wide variety of functions including product management, strategy, sales, marketing, professional services and managed services, in addition to thought leadership and industry evangelism.

Professional background


Senior Director


Chief Commercial Officer


Head of PointsPay

Areas of coverage

Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection


B.Sc., with honors, Chemistry, First Class, University of Bath, U.K.

Ph.D., Polymer and Colloid Chemistry, University of Sussex, U.K.

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Verifying identity of a user in digital channels

2Building a layered approach to preventing account takeover (ATO)

3Orchestration of identity proofing and ATO prevention capabilities

4Mitigating the threat of malicious bots in digital channels