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Alan D. Duncan

Distinguished VP Analyst

Alan Duncan is Distinguished Vice President for Data and Analytics Strategy and Chief Data Officer (CDO).

Major areas of interest include:

- Data-driven business transformation, data literacy and culture. Influencing the organizational, cultural and behavioral change impacts arising from an evidence-based/analytic approach to digital business.

- Data and analytics strategies and operating models (including specific considerations for midsized enterprises.)

- The business value of data and analytics, identifying and communicating business outcomes and value through treating information as an asset

- Monetizing data, infonomics and best practices for realizing measurable business outcomes.

- Ethical considerations for data and analytics, and the potential intended and unintended consequences of collecting and analyzing data.

Previous experience

Mr. Duncan is a recognized authority and executive leader in the fields of data strategy, business analytics, data-driven culture and business change, data governance, and data quality.

In a career spanning over 29 years, Mr. Duncan has provided strategic advice for world-class data management, business intelligence, data warehousing, master data management, document management and knowledge management solutions. He has worked with clients in a diverse range of industry sectors, including telecommunications, financial services, retail, state and federal government, natural resources, utilities, and manufacturing.

Many of his clients have been international businesses operating across multiple countries, and he has worked in the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Australia.

He is also an Associate Member of Faculty at University College Cork (UCC), where he lectures on the MSc programmes for Data Business and Digital Health.

Professional background

UNSW Australia (University of New South Wales)

Director of Data Governance (CDO)

SMS Management & Technology

National Competency Leader, Information and Data Management

Acuma Solutions

Client Partner, Information Communications and Media

Areas of coverage

Data and Analytics Leaders

Analytics, BI and Data Science Solutions

Data and Analytics Strategies

Midsize Enterprise IT Leadership

Executive Leadership: Data and Analytics


B.Eng., With Honors, Electronics Engineering, University of Aberdeen

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Data-driven culture change,data literacy, evidence-based decision making and business transformation

2Data and analytics strategy and operating models

3Developing organizational capability for data-driven and digital business: communities of excellence, business intelligence competency center (BICC)

4Business value of data and data analytics, information as an asset, data monetization, infonomics

5Data and analytics strategy for midsized enterprises