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Bill Blosen

Sr Director Analyst

Bill Blosen is a Sr. Director Research Analyst in the Applications and Software Engineering Strategy & Practices research team. Mr. Blosen's research focus is on helping senior application leaders and software engineering leaders with the key decisions and initiatives they must undertake due to digital business transformation. His focus areas include agile, DevOps, Kanban, lean, agile coaching, agile transformation, agile at scale and team productivity with an emphasis on people and culture.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Blosen was the Enterprise Agile and DevOps Coach at Macy's technology where he drove the journey to better agile, DevOps and lean practices for the technology organization working closely with the C suite all the way down to the teams and from omnichannel e-commerce all the way to cash registers and fulfilment centers. He started his career as a network protocol engineer at a small startup and quickly rose through the ranks. After becoming good at mission-critical enterprise infrastructure and application development tools using waterfall at Compaq and HP, he pivoted his whole career to agile and cloud. As a ScrumMaster at HP Cloud, he loved helping teams improve with agile methods and continuous learning. This lead to a three-year stay at Cisco Cloud Services as ScrumMaster and Enterprise Agile & DevOps Coach. He was responsible for all agile and PMO practices and was a key leader of the scaled agile and DevOps transformation. This experience, both in the trenches and as a thought leader, cemented the core values needed for effective agile transformations.

Professional background


Enterprise Agile & DevOps Coach

Cisco (Cisco Cloud Services)

Enterprise Agile & DevOps Coach

HP (Compaq, Tandem)

R&D Software Engineering Director

Areas of coverage

I&O Organizational Strategy

Software Engineering Technologies

Executive Leadership: Digital Business

Software Engineering Practices

Software Engineering Leadership


B.S., Computer Science, The University of Michigan

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Engaging agile coaches both external and internal to drive agile transformations

2Initiate, drive and scale agile, DevOps and lean organizational transformations

3Setting vision, mission, and objectives and modernizing organizational structures with platform engineering.

4Agile team productivity and motivation including good team creation, training, maintenance and culture

5Driving the project to product transformation leading to reduced business value cycle time and faster time to market