Gartner Expert

Daniel Ryntjes

Sr Principal, Advisory

I help audit leaders improve the way they conduct risk assessments, prioritize the elements of their audit plan and move towards real-time assurance. In addition I support aligned assurance by building stakeholder confidence and trust to achieve better coordination across risk and control groups. In addition, I help assurance leaders to understand key risk trends and audit's role in identifying emerging risk issues. In addition I support audit leaders in tackling their urgent talent challenges, address recruitment and retention strategies and assist them in crafting learning and development programs for their teams.

Previous experience

Business and Global Affairs Correspondent, Editor and Producer providing reports from Washington to news clients in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

Professional background

Feature Story News

Business News Editor and Washington Correspondent


Broadcast Journalist

Areas of coverage

Audit Planning and Risk Coverage


Post-Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism, University College Falmouth

B.A. English Literature and Language, University of Hull

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Improve risk assessment and audit planning processes and move toward real-time assurance

2Build confidence between assurance groups to catalyze better coordination and collaboration

3Understand key risk trends and audit's role in identifying emerging risk issues

4Tackle urgent talent challenges, including recruitment and retention

5Design learning and development strategies for audit teams