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Manjunath Bhat

VP Analyst

Manjunath (Manju) Bhat is a Research VP covering practices, technologies and tools related to DevOps, SRE, cloud, automation, software engineering and open-source software. Mr. Bhat advises clients on a range of software engineering and platform engineering initiatives that cross over application development and infrastructure engineering boundaries.

Manjunath regularly advises clients on how to apply software engineering practices to infrastructure delivery and drive higher business value from cloud-enabled innovation.

He sees the shift from project to product based operating models alongside a transition to cloud native architectures as two tectonic shifts affecting DevOps. In addition, he is actively involved in the future of work research initiatives.

Previous experience

Mr. Bhat architected and designed mobile security and the AirWatch EMM software in his previous position. He was the head of engineering at AirWatch by VMware India Technologies. He joined the company as the first employee and built the R&D organization from the ground up.

His expertise includes building scalable,fault-tolerant,load-balanced, high volume, mission-critical transactional systems. He Was responsible for the technical architecture of warehouse automation software that powered one of the world's biggest warehouses in North America.

Professional background


Director, R&D

Manhattan Associates Inc.

Senior Manager, Design of Warehouse Automation Software

Manhattan Associates India R&D Center

Development Manager

Areas of coverage

Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations

Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Management

Software Engineering Technologies

Security of Applications and Data

Cloud and Edge Infrastructure


Master's Degree, Software Systems

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to implement infrastructure-as-code using cloud-native practices such as GitOps

2How to drive innovation, agility and customer value through cloud adoption. Best practices in cloud adoption

3How can software engineering leaders enhance developer experience and mitigate supply chain security risks

4How to implement DevOps, chaos engineering, site reliability engineering (SRE) and achieve continuous resilience

5How to adopt and contribute to open-source software, including governance and innersourcing approaches