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Sylvain Fabre

Sr Director Analyst

Senior Director, Analyst Sylvain Fabre covers Business and Technology Strategy for the Telecommunications Industry, including 5G Ecosystem Platforms, Telco Edge, 5G Private Mobile Networks for Industry End-user Clients and Business Models for Cloud Native Telco Network platforms.

Research positions are anchored by a wide factual base including Business and Technology Insights from about 500 client inquiries/year, Primary and secondary surveys, and over 26 years telecom sector experience, spanning Strategy Advisory; Release and Product Management, with Vendors, operator and analyst experience.

Client inquiries include vendors, industrial end-users, government, regulators, defence, and investors.

Current research interests include:

- Hyperscalers 5G initiatives.

- How should Enterprises design RFQs for Industrial 5G Private mobile networks.

- Helping Investor Clients build better Investment Theses, Technology Due Diligence on potential targets; value proposition and timing for exits; identifying technology domains and ecosystems of current and future investment potential.

- Also started and leads Gartner coverage for Bi-Directional Brain-Machine Interfaces.

He is also a Complex Vendor Lead Analyst for Nokia.

Previous experience

Before joining Gartner, Mr. Fabre was a Product Manager in the Intelligent Networks/Applications group of Lucent Technologies.

Professional background

Lucent Technologies, U.K.

Product Manager

Telia Mobile, Denmark

Product Engineer

Ascom Nordic, Denmark

System Engineer

Areas of coverage

CSP Digital Transformation and Innovation

Industry Strategy Execution (retired)

Industry Product Planning (retired)

Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact on Products and Services


M.S. ME, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

M.B.A., London Business School, United Kingdom

B.S. BE, Compiegne University, France

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1CSP/IT Buyers: Data Validating Likely Use Cases for 5G and Edge Computing in a CSP Context

2End Users: Applicability of 5G as we ll as Mobile Private networks for Different Industries

3Vendors: Edge Computing solutions for CSPs

4Edge Computing Service Providers landscape

5Investors: Dynamics of Key Players in Mobile Infrastructure Ecosystem

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