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Wam Voster

Sr Director Analyst

Wam Voster is a Senior Director in Gartner Research, focused on security and risk management. He advises clients on security management and organizational issues and trends based on his experience gained in large corporations prior to joining Gartner in 2017. He also covers operational technology (OT) security.

Mr. Voster has extensive experience in both executing and advising on highly visible security programs in complex environments. He is a seasoned IT professional with a background in the Oil and Gas industry as well as in the fast moving consumer goods sector.

Of his 31 years in the IT industry, the last 10 years were dedicated to information security. He is based in the Netherlands, but for most of his career, he either managed or advised on large programs abroad.

Previous experience

Mr. Voster has worked for 18 years in total in the Oil & Gas industry: Seven years at Raytheon Engineers and 11 years at Shell. Responsibilities included setting up and restructuring IT and security organizations globally and various strategy roles. When he was working for Unilever, Mr. Voster was initially IT manager, but later focused on development and deployment of data warehousing and enterprise application integration solutions.

Professional background


Strategy Manager


Delivery Manager


Information Systems Consultant

Areas of coverage

Security and Risk Management Leaders

Oil and Gas Industry Innovation through Digital Technology

Information Security Management Program (retired)


Bachelor's Degree, Civil Engineering

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What is the ideal governance structure for security?

2How should a security program be run?

3What should an information security strategy look like?

4What services and processes should the security function focus on?

5How should security in an aligned IT/OT environment be set up?