Elevating Thought Leadership to Accelerate Customer Acquisition

Airkit, Inc.

Competing in the highly competitive tech market, Airkit is an application development platform start-up that needed support to elevate brand awareness and demand generation. Leveraging Gartner Flex Reprints, the client was able to quickly generate a pipeline of more than $1million and continue to strengthen the brand positioning as an industry thought leader.

Mission-critical priority

The client was looking for smarter and faster ways to drive brand awareness and promote lead-generation efforts to support the sales pipeline.

How Gartner helped

  • Gartner resources and insights helped the client improve their lead-generation efforts and brand awareness campaigns.
  • Leveraging Gartner Flex Reprints provided the client with the flexibility to quickly respond to market opportunities for different target segments by regularly hosting fresh Gartner research, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice to maximize campaign effectiveness.
  • With Gartner Flex Reprints, the client was also able to leverage Gartner research reports on their owned channels, such as social posts, emails, paid search (Pay Per Click) and blogs, to help them establish credibility with prospects.

Business impact

Robust engagement with the Gartner experts along with the Gartner reprint program helped the client:

  • Develop high ROI lead generation campaigns: With assistance from Gartner, the client was able to boost the ROI of their campaigns, generating more than 577 leads, with most of them being target accounts, contributing more than $1 million in open deals. 
  • Improve productivity: Using Gartner research in their marketing campaigns provided the client with trusted information, and freed up the marketing team to focus on other areas rather than just internal report creation. 
  • Build brand credibility: Leveraging Gartner insights on broad awareness channels, PPC, blog posts and social campaigns increased brand viability.

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HT Leaders

Gartner helped us tell the story of what we are trying to solve. …With all of the campaigns that we ran over the last year and a half, we’ve generated $1 million in potential pipeline.

Celeste Roberts

Demand Generation & Campaigns, Airkit Inc.

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