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NASCO, a healthcare technology company, underwent an acquisition and wanted to make sure they were focusing on building a stronger portfolio based on market insights while catering to their existing customer’s needs. Gartner provided the expert advice and insights the client needed to define their portfolio management strategy and drive innovation to advance NASCO's value proposition.

Mission-critical priority

The biggest focus area for the client was to keep innovating their product portfolio to become a market leader in the healthcare technology industry. With the client organization going through a big transformation after the acquisition, the client wanted to focus on strengthening their portfolio and elevating their customer experience.

How Gartner helped

Gartner proved to be instrumental in the client's journey to evolve their product management discipline:

  • Access to strategic research and experts helped the clients get deeper insights into the disruptive industry trends and their everyday work.
  • Leveraging the “High Tech Product Management Score Self Assessment Tool” helped the client benchmark their capabilities, size the market opportunity and prioritize investment for higher ROI.
  • Joining the “Gartner Client Advisory Board” helped connect with product leaders across the world and gain industry insights as well.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, the client was able to: 

  • Transform their product management practice for the new ownership model
  • Redefine their go-to-market and product pricing strategy in the aftermath of the acquisition
  • Evolve their talent strategy in accordance with the evolving world of product management
  • Stay informed on the new disruptions and trends impacting their industry

Healthcare Software



VP Product Management

*NASCO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan with revenue of $7.5B


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Product Management Leaders

For me personally, my job and my team it has been a real game changer. It’s given us a way of focusing on what we need to be doing better, it’s around the disciplines but also the trends including product management. There’s a lot going on here, I think everyone is seeing a renewed focus on product management, what those key attributes skills and abilities need to be, how they can really fuel growth for the company.

Linda Leigh Brock

VP Product Management, NASCO

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