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Impact of digital business transformations and disruptions on product management

Product managers and their teams need critical insights on buyer needs, market sizes, competitive technologies, market dynamics and go-to-market strategies to achieve success in product management.

Technology product management leaders must look to improve and transform product management processes, tools and people to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving market.

Emil Berthelsen

Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

How we address your top challenges

The role of a product manager is fundamentally changing as digital business transformations and disruptions take place. As data becomes increasingly more important for the decision-making processes of product managers, analyzing and synthesizing the increasing volumes of information has become a significant challenge for product managers. Gartner’s research and advisory services provide product managers and their teams with valuable insights to navigate the life cycle of products, services and solutions.

Product planning

Disruptive technologies, dynamic markets and nimble competitors leave technology product management leaders little margin for error. Results-driven product planning requires target customer identification, addressable market sizing, actionable competitive intelligence and customer-centric roadmaps.

Product development

Technology product managers are under growing pressure to differentiate their products and improve customer experience, all without compromising time to market. Succeeding at product development requires design thinking, agile methodologies and skills to collaborate with engineering.

Product introduction

Product introduction is a critical step in commercializing a product, and much of it is beyond the product team’s control. For a good product introduction, technology product managers must ensure product teams work effectively with other functions such as sales, marketing and finance.

Product life cycle management

Technology product managers face increasing challenges of managing product evolution and innovation in markets characterized by accelerated technology cycles, product disruptions and changing customer demands. Adopting suitable product lifestyle management approaches is critical to meet the challenges.

Product leadership

Accelerated technology cycles, frequent market disruptions and elevated customer expectations impact product management. Technology product managers must meet these challenges by adopting new tools and processes, reorganizing their resources, and collaborating with the entire company.

Gartner Product Management Framework

To help navigate the important tasks and issues in product management, explore the Gartner Product Management Framework, which is built around five key decision points along the product life cycle:

  • Product planning
  • Product development
  • Product introduction
  • Product life cycle management
  • Product leadership

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