Client Success Story

Digital transformation

ABL Life Insurance improves productivity and customer experience with new digital strategy

Business challenges

ABL Life has provided insurance and financial services to 1.13 million customers for the past 60 years with advanced product development capability earned as part of a global insurance group. In the era of digital disruption, the company needed a reliable source of insights and guidance to develop a digital strategy and drive competitive advantage. ABL sought to improve productivity by changing the way it worked — empowering the sales teams and improving customer experience through the latest technologies.

Gartner solution

By leveraging Gartner and the service delivery team, ABL Life successfully developed a digital strategy, including implementing an e-submission system and mobile customer center. This reduced time spent on data collection and analysis, and enabled the company to gather meaningful insights from data. Gartner conferences, especially Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™, are an ongoing, invaluable source of insights for developing ABL’s annual plan.

Business impact

Ninety-three percent of ABL Life’s insurance policies are now sold via an e-submission system in the Tied Agency channel, and the company is delivering 50% of all customer face-to-face service interactions with video-streaming technology. As a result, customer satisfaction has increased. Both of these systems showcase industry-leading innovations in the Korean market. The company also used the digital platform as a means of sales training, making the training more accessible to sales staff for lower cost.

How Gartner delivered value

  • Engagement with Gartner Executive Partners
  • Networking at Gartner conferences
  • Relied on Gartner insights to understand top trends and market competition
  • Supported and helped business teams succeed
  • Gartner helped us develop our own digital strategies. We can turn to Gartner as a source of information and insight, to greatly reduce the time that my team spends on collecting and turning data into actionable insights.

    Wonkyun (Paul) Chang

    CDO, ABL Life Insurance

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