Client Success Story

CapitaLand: Driving Digital Innovation and Transformation

CapitaLand is committed to innovation through the design and implementation of an integrated development strategy.

Business challenges

As one of the China’s top 10 real estate companies, CapitaLand is making digital innovation the central driver for all its businesses. However, digital transformation faced three major challenges:

•Real estate is not a digital-savvy industry. The benefits offered by digital transformation were unclear, so the company needed a unified vision and consensus on the desired end state.

•Unified business goals had to be defined across the organization to put digitalization at the heart of everything.

•Three separate business priorities needed to be handled at the execution level:

•Restructuring of the traditional IT organization: Move from centralized management by headquarters to a federal approach; promote localization to balance the relationship between branches and headquarters; drive the full breadth of transformation.

•Realizing digitalized operations: Create technical drivers and rebuild business processes to promote digital transformation; add new digital revenue streams to power the changes in business models.

•Building a strong corporate culture: Develop a digital-centric culture, beginning at the C-level.

Gartner solution

Meetings between Gartner Executive Partners and CapitaLand executives covered strategy reviews, identifying additional information for evolving the strategy, and exploring guidance and tools from Gartner research. Gartner experts provided context-specific analysis and insights, and conducted in-depth discussions around targeted research. Together, we explored various Gartner global IT conferences as offering a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of cutting-edge technical trends, plus peer networking opportunities. 

Business impact

Working with Gartner enabled CapitaLand to verify the business models of its digital transformation from a macro point of view. The company better understands overall budget trends, industry changes and IT innovations, and the CIO has improved internal engagement and satisfaction with digital transformation, and strategy implementation. With Gartner’s research and expertise, CapitaLand is helping employees advance their capabilities, and saving on training costs. 

How Gartner delivered value
  • Proprietary research and tools
  • Themed briefings by experts
  • Meetings with Executive Partners to evolve strategy 
CapitaLand is looking forward to further justifying digital revenues in our cooperation with Gartner, and applying Gartner tools and methodologies in real-world practices to prioritize projects and achieve our business goals.

Francis Li

Managing Director, CapitaLand China

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