Entering New Markets Through Positioning and Specialization

Magia is an Australia-based provider of Oracle Cloud business solutions. The company is focused on delivering seamless business through consulting, implementation, training and support. Having achieved significant year-on-year growth by providing specialized services, Magia plans to increase hiring and expand globally.

Mission-critical priority

Magia’s top business priorities include:

  • Driving business value for customers across a diverse set of industries
  • Recruiting and developing top talent
  • Becoming the ANZ marketplace leader in Oracle SaaS
  • Enhancing differentiation to compete more effectively against larger players
  • Growing managed services revenue
  • Growing into a $200 million business in 10 years
  • Market expansion across the UK and US to drive further growth

How Gartner helped

The engagement delivered:

  • Competitive positioning research, advice and direction — comparisons with other larger system integrators
  • Government sector mapping and understanding of investment priorities
  • Insightful research leveraged at monthly executive educational sessions
  • Support on how to grow talent, including consultants based on cyclical customer demands
  • Tools to help bridge the gap between strategy and execution
  • Helping to orchestrate the engagement, accelerate time to value and consistently realign at quarterly business reviews

Business impact

With strategic advice and execution-based support from Gartner, Magia is positioning itself as a strong specialty services business aligned with corporate business goals. Recent partnership wins include:

  • 100% growth in company size in the past 24 months
  • A 200% increase in the number of managed services customers in the past 18 months
  • A competitive positioning scorecard to better inform deals
  • Enhanced employee value proposition from talent frameworks
  • An analytical model on initiative prioritization
  • An informative view of areas to improve cost to serve

Technology Services

Approx $12 million



Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Startup CEOs

Gartner is my reliable advisory partner to sound board many of our critical decisions. Their expertise supports our C-suite with critical thinking, better informing our strategy to execute on our initiatives.

Surend Dayal

CEO, Magia Solutions

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