Streamlining Processes to Increase Profits and Reduce Costs

Netka System

Netka System is a digital transformation platform provider for IT operations and management. They use AI to differentiate their products from their competitors, and provide end-to-end IT operations management solutions like IT Infrastructure Management, ITSM, SIEM, SOAR, AIOps and Networks Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic. With a wide range of customers across many countries, Netka System wanted to drive net profits and reduce costs to helps them expand further.

Mission-critical priority

  • Build strategic partnerships necessary to sustain and drive the business, while reducing costs and streamlining the product development process.
  • Navigate the economic recession of Thailand which has led to an increasing number of customers postponing their projects to save cost.

How Gartner helped

  • Gartner advisors provided industry insights and helped with competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, and even trend analysis to help direct Netka's end to end operations.
  • Gartner provided marketing insights that helped Netka with their go-to-market strategies and make impactful product launches.
  • Gartner's insights were critical in Netka understanding their customer's needs and streamlined their view of the industry, thereby enabling Netka to position themselves better.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support: 

  • Gartner's insights and solutions combined well with Netka's resilient performance during the pandemic to drive a net profit growth of over 200% in 2021, and helped in reducing the cost of their product development efforts. 
  • Gartner insights enabled Netka to save costs by keeping their development efforts constrained only to products that needed to be developed to meet their customer requirements. 
  • Gartner's understanding of the market and the insights about competitors helped saved Netka a lot of time by shortening their process of product development.

Information Technology


Charnchai Jiamchoatpattanakul, CEO and Founder, Netka System

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Netka System is planning to do an IPO, so it was critical that we make our business sustainable by reducing our costs, upsell our products and find new ways to grow our net profits. Gartner's insights helped us quite a lot by shortening the entire process of competitor's analysis, and helped us in understanding the industry landscape and how we should focus our development efforts to best serve our customers.

Charnchai Jiamchoatpattanakul

CEO and Founder, Netka System

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