Strengthening Business Transformation

INESA Co. Ltd.

To keep up with the aggressive growth of the organization, our client, INESA, a large, state-owned enterprise in China, had to rethink its strategy and overcome business challenges. Using Gartner data and industry analysis and global insights, INESA was able to easily respond to market demands and explore new business models.

Mission-critical priority

Our client needed to reevaluate strategic planning, merger and acquisition (M&A) and investment decisions, establish new business models like smart city and keep pace with the technology changes.

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts provided INESA with continuous data and industry insights for strategic planning, as well as a deep knowledge of transformative market trends to expand its global M&A decisions. Additionally, Gartner offered relevant reports that helped INESA make the right decision for their Internet of Things (IoT) transmission technology project, with key information, such as technology usage, costs, potential technology changes and worldwide application scenarios.

Business impact

Gartner for IT Leaders helped INESA:

  • Evaluate potential risks and negative impacts of their IoT transmission technology project; this ultimately helped the company avoid a potential investment loss of approximately $60 million to $75 million

  • Explore new business models to deal with fierce market competition

Investment management

$3.2 billion 


General Manager of Strategy

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Gartner has [kept] its neutrality and bias-free perspective, making it more credible than other consulting entities, which is crucial to our investment decisions.

Li Xin

General Manager of Strategy, INESA

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