Define Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Use artificial intelligence to grow business revenue and achieve business goals

Maximize the opportunity of AI technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) drives value across the business, especially in customer experience, cost reduction and revenue generation initiatives. Successful CIOs understand that AI technologies are more than technical and tactical projects — and that the successful application of AI can unlock new opportunities and help achieve business goals.

Only one in 25 CIOs says their organization has deployed AI, according to Gartner's 2018 CIO Survey.
I used Gartner to understand trends like chatbots, and AI. The Gartner expert helped us in reviewing our service management platform and vendor selection along with pros and cons. We saved about 60 hours of research and money.
CIO, transportation industry

Craft your artificial intelligence strategy

You don’t need to be an expert to make sense of AI for your business — you can draw on experience you already have in two ways. First, assess which business outcomes would benefit from AI, then evaluate how the power of AI can be used to achieve those outcomes.

Insights you can use

Digital business is accelerating interest in artificial intelligence at a pace that has many IT leaders hurrying to build an AI strategy and investment plan. Gartner insights, advice and tools help you make the business case for AI, then create and implement a plan and build the right AI data to achieve and measure success.

Plan for AI’s competitive advantage now

Artificial intelligence is a transformative technology that will drive sustainable competitive advantage and business value. Gartner can help you to take action now to employ AI technology and connect it to critical business outcomes.

 Identify the right AI technology use cases

Often, IT leaders do not know where to start with AI. Gartner can help you identify the right use cases and overcome the challenges of implementing AI technology and then optimizing it to meet the needs of your digital business.

Conversations to Win With AI

Unlock a series of conversations that CIOs and senior business leaders should have to maximize the opportunity and minimize the threat represented by artificial intelligence.

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“Our clients say one of the most significant obstacles for AI projects is that they’re challenged to establish a use case, a measurement and a return-on-investment plan that they feel is credible. And for good reason: Only 1 in 25 CIOs today tell us that they’re employing AI now.”

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