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The leadership, organizational and technology priorities CIOs must address in 2020

There’s uncertainty on the horizon

Business turns, such as acquisitions, cost pressures and changes in consumer demand, have the potential to fundamentally shift how enterprises do business. In trying times, fragile enterprises suffer permanent structural damage. Fit enterprises, however, emerge from these events stronger and more competitive.

What makes the difference? Fit enterprises have CIOs who help their organization align, anticipate and adapt.

Types of Disruptions over the Past Four Years - Organizational disruption leads at 47%
A lot of our discussion has been around this idea of coming out of the turns and being better prepared for the straightaways going forward.

Mike Pfister

CIO, ConocoPhillips

Don’t wait for circumstances to force a change in direction

Neither a wait-and-see approach nor defensive cost-cutting strategy will power winners through adversity. When crisis arises, organizations need leaders who know what direction the enterprise must move and can instill confidence in their team to get there. CIOs can help prepare their organization for the turns by focusing on strengthening three vital areas: strategy, cost and talent.

Strategy, cost and talent are the pillars for resilience during disruption

Insights you can use

Looking ahead, there are many reasons for executives to take caution. Crisis can disrupt the way your business functions, but Gartner insights, advice and tools equip CIOs to improve the fitness of their IT organization and the enterprise to be ready to tackle disruption.

2020 Gartner CIO Agenda: Resilience During Disruption

What allows fit organizations to thrive? Learn 10 key capabilities in three areas that distinguish fit organizations from fragile counterparts.

Action Guide: Prepare for the Unknown

Top-performing CIOs defy conventional thinking during disruptions, including downturns, to ensure their organizations emerge with resilience.

Webinar: Drive Growth in the Face of Change

A panel of top Gartner business and tech experts help you develop a strategy for steady growth, no matter the challenges that might arise.

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