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Secure the Foundation of Digital Business

Six Key Take-Aways for a Successful Digital Transformation

Digital business is maturing from tentative experiment to application at massive scale. In response, organizations are making long-lasting business model changes in most sectors of the economy. These changes hinge not only on technology but also on your leadership.

Scaling of digital business makes business model change inevitable

As businesses move to scale their digital initiatives, they’re focusing on three areas to support customer engagement:

  • Volume — especially the ability to handle demand volatility and peak demand cost-effectively
  • Scope — the ability to support a wide range and dynamic mix of products and services reliably
  • Agility — the ability to respond to changes in consumer tastes and demands in terms of channels and features with short lag times


When internal clients say, ‘I want this solution,’ we say, ‘Don’t come with the solution. Let’s talk about the strategy or the problem we need to solve so we can work together to find the best solution.’

Nicolas Simone

CIO, Boticario Group

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2019 CIO Agenda: Secure the foundation for digital business

Digital business is reaching a tipping point as enterprises scale their digital capabilities, making it a mainstream objective for private- and public-sector organizations alike.

Transformation requires collaboration

Changing the culture to be more collaborative requires specifying what that means, getting started through conversation and action, and measuring change.

Measure what matters

CIOs should develop metrics and set goals that lay out their digital business journey and sharpen expected business outcomes.

Case Study

How to drive a culture of innovation

UPS drives technology innovation to keep pace with a new generation of empowered customers. Previously, UPS considered the package shipper as its primary customer. Today, it focuses attention also on the package recipient. “[Technology is] forcing companies like us to continue to adjust to what our customers are looking for,” says Juan Perez, UPS Chief Information and Engineering Officer.

CIOs: Prepare for digital transformation

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