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CIO Agenda

Your job as CIO is changing. Here’s how to master the new one.

Turn IT into an engine of digital transformation

Business today is driven by digital innovation. As a CIO, your job has changed from managing IT to fueling business growth. In a time of accelerating change, how do you lead your organization from experimentation to delivering digital business results at scale?

"When internal clients say, ‘I want this solution,’ we say, ‘Don’t come with the solution. Let’s talk about the strategy or the problem we need to solve so we can work together to find the best solution.’”

Nicolas Simone,


Boticario Group

How we address your top challenges

Master your new CIO role

As digital transformation shapes business decisions, you need to develop the skills of a trusted business advisor and change leader. 

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Support business growth

CIOs state the No. 1 business priority for 2018 is growth. Learn how to drive innovation to achieve this objective.

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CIO 2030: Turn ideas into reality

Future IT will evolve out of today's agile practices and CIOs will need to lead fluid teams of independent thinkers.

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Case Study

How to Drive a Culture of Innovation

UPS drives technology innovation to keep pace with a new generation of empowered customers. Previously, UPS considered the package shipper as its primary customer. Today it focuses attention also on the package recipient. "[Technology is] forcing companies like us to continue to adjust to what our customers are looking for,” says Juan Perez, UPS Chief Information and Engineering Officer.

CIOs: Prepare for Digital Transformation

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