New-to-Role CIOs: The First 100 Days

Getting CIO transitions right is critical to creating more organizational value.

CIOs are crucial to digital transformation

Transitioning into a new CIO or other leadership role can be one of the most stressful, yet rewarding, career milestones for an individual. A new leader joining the business is also a disruptive event for an organization and its people, so getting transitions right is critical. A well-engineered transition process accelerates a new leader’s success creating more value for the organization.

Through 2020, at least 25% of CIOs will be "in transition" at any given time, changing their organizations and/or their roles.
Based on Gartner advice, I’m able to have a report to show our board of directors and address IT security issues. Gartner helped us properly address IT governance and saved us a lot of energy in doing it.

Hubert Tsang

CIO, Pacific Textiles

CIOs in transition: Accelerating time to impact

Whether you’re a seasoned CIO taking on a fresh challenge or a recently promoted executive in a new role, it’s important to get your first few months as a CIO right. Achieving success at the beginning of your leadership journey is challenging, but essential.

Tactics to avoid or escape the five fatal pitfalls: Listen, imagine, empathize.

Insights you can use

New-to-role leaders often have to navigate their transitions alone, onboarding themselves while trying to establish a new vision for their organizations and quickly execute high-impact projects and changes. Gartner can help optimize this transition by providing peer insights and practical tools to overcome the common challenges for new CIOs.

The New CIO E-Book: How to Make an Impact the First Year on the Job

The causal relationship between effective technology and strong business performance is indisputable. The most successful CIOs present themselves as business experts first and experts of technology second.

5 Fatal Pitfalls for New CIOs

The first 100 days as a new CIO are critical to success in role. Gartner presents the five common mistakes made by incoming CIOs so you can emerge a stronger and more effective leader.

New CIOs: 3 Actions to Quickly Become Influential Among C-Suite

One of a new CIO’s first challenges — regardless of prior experience — is to establish a good rapport and influence with other C-Suite members. Gartner reveals the three actions that can accelerate a new CIO’s influence in the enterprise.

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Historically, IT as IT, we’ve not been great at marketing our success.

Sanil Solanki

MVP, Gartner

The True Business Value of IT

Get ready to voice IT’s value. This is the digital era of business, so it’s time for IT to step out of the rhythm section, grab the microphone, and belt out your song for everyone in the enterprise to hear.

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