Fund Innovation Through Smarter IT Spending

Take a new approach to IT cost management and technology investment 

Do you know where your next 5% to 25% growth is going to come from?

Cost optimization continues to be a critical discipline for many CIOs in order to fund innovation. In the age of digital business, organizations must use a mix of IT and business cost optimization for increased business performance, while preparing for digital futures.

Digital transformation and growth require investment

For your organization to succeed, focus on investing in technology to reduce business costs.

The results in the past couple of years have just been amazing. We are two years ahead of schedule on our cost optimization commitments and essentially declared victory on that chapter of the program this year — and the original goal was 2021.

Dan Krantz

VP, CIO Keysight Technologies

Insights you can use

Drive cost optimization across the enterprise

Leaders across the business must connect cost optimization efforts to the organization’s larger objectives. Gartner’s research helps leaders in numerous business areas determine how they can work individually and together to optimize costs without undermining strategic objectives.

Break from IT budget thinking to be a clarifier and educator to the business

Gartner can clarify how digital disruption fits into the context of your enterprise and the big bets to make, and enable digital leaders as educators to encourage the new mindsets and skills needed to lead in this persistently uncertain, high-velocity and innovation-driven era.

Treat IT cost optimization as an ongoing discipline

Many organizations attempt to optimize IT costs, but industry leaders treat cost optimization as an ongoing discipline, rather than a one-time exercise. Gartner’s research and engagement plans guide you from a reactive, one-time action to ongoing opportunity.

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