Optimize IT Investment Costs

Reduce IT costs while investing in digital initiatives

Digital transformation requires investment

IT cost optimization has been at the forefront of many CIOs’ objectives over the past decade. However, in the age of digital business, cost optimization takes on new dimensions as pressure to remain competitive and invest in digital initiatives increases.  

Focus on IT and business costs

Cost optimization should be a joint business and IT activity in the age of digital business.  For your organization to succeed, focus on achieving a balance between reducing IT costs and investing in technology to reduce business costs.

“Cost optimization is evolving into more and more of a growth driver and something that must extend beyond IT to the entire enterprise.”

Barbara Gomolski

Managing Vice President, Gartner Research

Insights You Can Use

Focus on business optimization

The greatest opportunities to optimize a business are outside the IT function. By supporting cost optimization beyond IT, CIOs can drive improved business performance.

Implement an IT cost optimization program

Design a cost optimization plan that aligns to long-term business goals and evaluates costs across a variety of perspectives, such as assets, services and business capabilities.

Improve IT financial transparency

Organizations that have visibility into IT costs by functional area, business process or business capability can better strategically assess the impact of IT cost reduction.

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