Tools to optimize costs and drive business momentum

The support you need to sustain today — and recover and thrive tomorrow.

When disruption strikes, leading organizations act fast to remove waste, drive vital resources to priority areas and improve the efficiency of capabilities — to catch up to and keep up with peers, and set up for long-term growth.

Diagnose Current State

Leaders are asking:

  • How can I achieve a baseline for cost optimization?
  • What benchmarks can I use to support cost management initiatives?
  • How can I improve financial transparency to support cost optimization?

How Gartner helps:

Compare your function’s metrics to that of your peers with Gartner benchmarks

Assess the state of your function and processes using Gartner maturity assessments

Identify where your function’s performance matters most to your business leaders using our business alignment tools

Develop Your Plan

Leaders are asking:

  • Where should I look for short-term cost reductions?
  • How can I identify critical resources to protect in my budget?
  • How can I identify noncritical resources to reduce or eliminate?
  • How can I work across functions to identify the best approach to cost optimization?

How Gartner helps:

Learn about our proven approach to eliminate, rationalize and renegotiate in the short term and apply cost optimization on an ongoing basis —  within your function and across your enterprise.

Evaluate your cost optimization ideas using decision frameworks and maps

Connect with peers to share and stress-test ideas

Execute and Drive Change

Leaders are asking:

  • How can my leadership team support each other during cost reduction efforts?
  • How can I ensure I get a fair deal on critical technology investments?
  • How should I communicate to stakeholders about cost optimization?
  • What metrics are most important to measure cost optimization success?

How Gartner helps:

Find efficiencies in external spend and redeploy budget toward strategic objectives. Use Gartner BuySmart to rightsize technology spend.

Leverage The CIO Roadmap to Strategic Cost Optimization to effectively implement and communicate your cost optimization initiatives.

Transform processes for more effective, quality delivery against your function’s goals.

Build support for your cost optimization initiatives with our advice and tools on collaboration and communication.

Learn more about other tools to execute your cost management strategy

Get the cost optimization decision framework for your function

Learn more about our research & advisory services

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