Meet the Experts

Sandy Shen | Senior Director, Analyst

Sandy Shen is a Research Director with the digital commerce team at Gartner. Ms. Shen specializes in commerce strategy, technologies, vendors and market trends. She has an in-depth knowledge of China's e-commerce market and players, as well as the internet space. She helps IT leaders understand technologies, application architectures and vendor capabilities, and respond to emerging trends and customer expectations.

Brian Kropp | Distinguished VP, Research

Brian Kropp is chief of research for the Gartner HR practice, which delivers insights and solutions that address new and emerging executive challenges and enable HR leaders to take decisive actions. Brian’s expertise spans all aspects of HR, including talent acquisition and management, employee experience, change management, and leadership.

Sarah Watt | Senior Director, Analyst

Sarah Watt is Research Director with Gartner's Supply Chain Group. Ms. Watt's research interests include sustainable supply chain, circular economy, talent management and diversity and inclusion.

Jim Mello | Senior Director, Advisory

Jim Mello is a Senior Director with the Internal Audit and Risk Management Practice at Gartner. It is the greatest privilege of Mr. Mello's career to advise assurance leaders at the world's most influential organizations. He has spent the past decade studying management practices, operating model innovations, leadership principles and performance metrics used by executives.

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