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Andrew White | Distinguished VP Analyst

Andrew White, distinguished Analyst and VP, has a primary research focus on the chief data officer role, data and analytics platforms, strategy and operating models, governance, and stewardship. His current role is as Chief of Research, Data and Analytics, and is also Content Lead for Data and Analytics. He has held previous roles including Vendor Lead for Oracle Corp; Agenda Manager for Data and Analytics Programs, and Data and Analytics Leaders (Chief Data Officer). He launched the first Master Data Management Summit in 2007, and was conference chair of that event through 2015 as it expanded focus to enterprise information and MDM. Mr. White received the Gartner Thought Leadership Award in 2006 for his efforts in pioneering Gartner's research in enterprise information management that led to MDM. Mr. White's previous coverage areas focused on business apps and best practices in supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and multienterprise B2B collaboration environments.

Sarah Turkaly | Principal, Advisory

Sarah Turkaly is a Principal on the data and analytics advisory team. She advises data and analytics leaders on creating strategy, data governance, data literacy and function management. She has published Maverick research on ethics and bias, and supports clients in taking a practical approach to their data and analytics goals.

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