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Chris Howard | Distinguished VP Analyst

Chris Howard is Gartner's Chief of Research. In that role, Mr. Howard ensures that Gartner research meets the general and industry-specific needs of senior executives, with emphasis on both technical and business leadership. Mr. Howard leads the Senior Content Leadership Board at Gartner where he is responsible for the development of integrated topics that cross all of Gartner's research. In that capacity, he regularly interacts with and advises CEOs, board members and other senior executives at the world's largest enterprises. He is the recipient of several Gartner thought leadership awards.

Michelle Bazargan | Sr Director, Advisory

Michelle Bazargan is a Global Executive Advisor within Gartner's Research and Advisory group. She firmly believes that the world and humanity are at an inflection point, and what worked in the past will not work in the future. Her passion lies in inspiring leaders, individuals, and organizations to disrupt themselves, envision new possibilities, and reimagine their futures. Michelle draws on her diverse leadership and technology background in large complex enterprise organizations, including Toyota, IBM, Oracle, and Ultimate Software, to shape the future of business and the workplace. She also has extensive experience working with startup incubators, accelerators, venture capital, schools, universities and mentoring founders in the startup community. Michelle herself is a successful start-up founder of a wellness platform that she created and scaled with a successful exit. In addition to her work in the corporate and startup worlds, Michelle is an accomplished public speaker and leadership coach. She is obsessed with inspiring people to keep it real and believe in themselves, and has done keynotes all around the world, including at various events and conferences. Michelle has also given a Tedx Talk on The Value of Human Connections, which has garnered praise for its thought-provoking ideas and insightful perspectives. Michelle is a huge advocate for continuous learning, inquisitive curiosity, and courageous leadership. She believes that these qualities are essential for thriving in the rapidly changing world. Michelle is currently authoring her first book, which is set to inspire others to embrace these qualities and reach their full potential.

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