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Uma Challa | Sr Director Analyst

Uma Challa covers topics in Digital Customer Service, Service and supports CX, and Service and Support Strategy & Leadership.

Brian Weber | Director Analyst

Brian has over 23 years of industry experience and covers topics including culture, enhancing strategy & leadership, support delivery models, support optimization, tool evaluation & selection, and channel strategy & execution. Brian's experience spans from Fortune 500 companies to startups and expertise in marketplace operations, government, travel, financial and telecommunications industries. Brian has a track record of success in building exceptional teams, providing superior customer experience tools and leading cultures that strive to reward, recognize and empower employees. Brian has reported to many levels of organizations from CEO, CTO, COO, CCO (Chief Communication Officers), Assistant Secretary, CMO and CFO. Brian has led and been a stakeholder for virtually all areas of an organization, and that unique blend allows him to help deliver meaningful business results from Customer Service & Support.

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