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Mike Rollings | Distinguished VP Analyst

Mike Rollings is Gartner's Chief Of Research for IT Role-Based Products. In that role, Mr. Rollings ensures that Gartner research meets the needs of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAO) and Software Engineering Leaders emphasizing technical and business leadership. Most recently he covered the CDAO role, transformation required to become a data-driven enterprise, data monetization and information products, the strategic use and governance of data, the business value of artificial intelligence and how to drive enterprise behavior change. Mr. Rollings is a winner of Gartner's 2017 Thought Leadership Award for busting AI myths, as well as the 2013 Thought Leadership Award for his examination of the changing IT career, talent and leadership. His over 30 years' experience covers strategy, transformation, innovation, human behavior, collaborative organizational change, communication, influence and cross-discipline effectiveness.

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