Product Life Cycle Management

Meet business challenges to drive growth

Build a successful product management life cycle strategy

Technology product management leaders face increasing challenges of managing product evolution and innovation in markets characterized by accelerated technology cycles, product disruptions and changing customer demands. Adopting suitable PLM approaches is key to tackling the challenges.

Ensure product management life cycle success

Product management leaders need to be able to efficiently manage not only evolution and innovation in product portfolios, but also released and launched products and their upgrades, including service and end-of-life products.

Product Life Cycle Management Primer for 2022

Product life cycle management reflects those activities that product managers must address to maintain and grow a product after it has been launched into a market.

Managing innovation and evolution, optimizing life cycle events, achieving financial objectives, and harnessing disruption are key challenges that have transformed in recent years.

Discover how to drive innovation and sustain growth throughout the product life cycle.

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