Managing the Cost of Sales

Driving cost optimization across the enterprise

The balancing act of cost reductions

CSOs are reassessing how and where they spend their money. As trends in the economy shift, CSOs must avoid reacting too quickly and creating a mindset of uncertainty for their sales teams. At the same time, they can't change their sales strategy too late and risk making cost-cutting decisions that harm growth.

Nearly 80% of employees expect cost pressure in next 12 months.
One of the things that Gartner's really helped with is providing me the tools that I need to understand where our weaknesses are and the tools that we need to address them and move forward more quickly in our growth factor.

Donna Milewski

Sr. VP, Sales Operations, Analytical Graphics

Cost optimization maximizes business value

Productive cost optimization is a key way sales leaders can set their teams up for long-term success. Cost optimization is a business-focused, continuous discipline to drive spending and cost reduction while maximizing business value. Effective cost optimization often adheres to programs and policies that are based on time-tested best practices and procedures.

Driving Cost Optimization Across the Enterprise.

Cost optimization roadmap for sales leaders

From helping sales leaders retain sellers in a tight labor market to creating a sustainable cost optimization roadmap, Gartner makes sure that cost optimization is an ongoing, strategic discipline rather than an emergency-driven project or one-time undertaking.

Benchmark Current Spend & Efficiency 

This diagnostic tool helps you evaluate your sales operations function in depth, benchmark maturity and prioritize opportunities for improvement. With an accurate look at performance gaps between where your function is today and where you want to go tomorrow, you can make smarter decisions about how to spend time and resources.

Identify and Prioritize Opportunities 

On the scale of nascent to master, where does your organization stand? Evaluate your sales organization’s functional maturity to reveal gaps between where you are and where you want to go. See how you stack up across six objectives and 20 discrete functional activities.

Plan for Targeted Investments that Enable Transformation

Use the Gartner Technologies Sales Bullseye to learn to what degree different technologies are embedded in today’s sales landscape, their current return on investment and how important they will be to sales leaders and sales organizations in the future.

Implement Initiatives and Communicate Plan

Use Gartner's Strategy on a Page template to:

  • Build a successful strategic plan
  • Put your strategy onto one page
  • Communicate your strategy with precision and clarity
  • Secure buy-in from business partners  

Questions about becoming a Gartner client?

CSO & Sales Leaders Conference

A comprehensive conference experience for chief sales officers and sales leaders

Sales leaders face unprecedented changes in customer expectations, technology and the talent needed to drive results. At the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference, October 6-8 , 2020, in Las Vegas, sales leaders will learn from the latest research and Gartner experts covering sales talent, customer buying behavior, account-based marketing strategies and leveraging digital channels. 

This was my first Gartner conference, and I was blown away by the depth of content and delivery of insight. I can already count 10 immediate action items to take back to my team, and it’s only the beginning of Day 2!

Brandy Cline

Sales Enablement, Allscripts

Gartner topic experts

Gartner’s sales experts span the globe to support sales leaders with their most important initiatives, no matter where they are. Meet a few of our leaders.

Maria Boulden
VP, Executive Partner

Doug Bushee
Sr. Director Analyst

Brian Cain
Sales Manager

Scott Collins
VP, Team Manager

Tom Cosgrove
Sr. Director, Advisory

Matt Dudek
VP, Team Manager

Dave Egloff
Sr. Director Analyst

Cristina Gomez
Managing Vice President

Shayne Jackson
Sr. Director Analyst

Rick Karlton
Managing Vice President

Danielle McKinley
Director, Advisory

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