Does Salesforce Automation Still Give an Advantage?

Can salesforce automation tools still give you a competitive advantage? Gartner Research Director Tad Travis says that all depends on you: “There’s always an assumption made that if you buy Salesforce Automation you’ll get good sales execution, particularly for driving revenue growth, just because you bought the salesforce automation tool. That’s almost never the case. These are … Continued

Winning Formula: Sales + Marketing = More

Sometimes “more” is not always a good thing … “We live in the World of More, where your customers have access to more information, more options and more people involved in the purchase decision than ever before, and we’re looking to get after that sale with more reps and more specialists and, on the marketing side, … Continued

Talent Angle: Bringing Diversity to Uber

What is it like to work for Uber as its new head of diversity after holding the same post for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign? Bernard Coleman shares his insights based on his experiences as the Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Uber and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. “Diversity in isolation is not effective; to be successful, … Continued

Talent Angle: Cultivating a Complaint Free Workplace

Will Bowen, international best-selling author of A Complaint Free World, joins the Talent Angle to discuss complaining in the workplace — what causes it, why we do it, and how to get ourselves and others to stop.  WILL BOWEN Will Bowen is an international bestselling author in the field of Personal Development. His books, A Complaint Free … Continued

Gartner Delivers Bigger Insights for Midsize Enterprises

Midsize enterprises (MSE) face the same challenges that their larger counterparts do, but they diverge greatly in the solutions they need. “In any of the things that Gartner covers, the questions are the same but the answers are different. So how do we provide that tailored advice when we’re in front of a midsize enterprise … Continued

Better Data Will Expand Your Customer Base

You want your Sales and Marketing initiatives to round up more customers, right? But what happens when the data you need keeps wandering away from the herd? “What emerged on top was bigger problems, trying to deal with messy data. We often call it data wrangling, which brings to mind these visions of spreadsheets riding … Continued

How IoT Service Providers Can Hone Their Edge

Take note, Internet of Things service providers: You can’t go it alone. Here’s Gartner Research Director Denise Rueb: “Providers out there need to recognize that the area of IoT partnerships and building out their ecosystems is really, really critical. And it’s critical because they probably will either will partner with or be calling upon some of … Continued

Talent Angle: Achieving Total Societal Impact, with Wendy Woods

Is it possible for businesses to simultaneously drive social impact, innovation, and financial returns all at the same time? More than ever, employees are making their career and purchasing decisions based on a company’s purpose and societal impact. In this episode of the Talent Angle, Wendy Woods, Senior Partner and Global Leader of BCG’s Social … Continued

Talent Angle: Cracking the Culture Code, with Daniel Coyle

Where does great culture come from? How do you build and sustain it in your group, or strengthen a culture that needs fixing? Daniel Coyle, author of The Culture Code, joins the Talent Angle to discuss what makes some of the world’s most successful organizations tick – including Pixar, the San Antonio Spurs, and U.S. … Continued

Talent Angle: Innovate in an Adaptive Space, with Michael Arena, Ph.D.

Lack of Agility is the kiss of death. It is no secret that large, mature organizations can struggle to innovate. But Michael Arena, Chief Talent Officer at General Motors, argues that even the most bureaucratic organizations can make innovation and adaptability a part of their DNA. Listen to this episode of the Talent Angle to … Continued

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