Be a True Digital Leader

Okay, leaders, if you want to make your employees the best they can be, you might start by giving them some more space: “Connector managers are much more successful than the always-on manager that most of us currently think that we want. The always-on manager is somebody who focuses on personally providing continuous coaching and … Continued

Secure Your Digital Future: Box CEO Aaron Levie Pt. 3

Box CEO Aaron Levie stresses his company is no threat to democracy, but he definitely votes for greater attention on data security and privacy: “Fortunately, as far as we know, we were not involved in any election hacking, but as you can imagine, the whole Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal has sort of flipped the way that … Continued

Technology Matters: Box CEO Aaron Levie Pt. 2

As you go about your digital transformation, Box CEO Aaron Levie wants you to remember this: The technology really does matter. “Anytime you see a company say, ‘We want to get closer to the customer, we want to make more real-time decisions, we want to be able to share more effectively,’ but then people have … Continued

The Digital Culture Shift: Box CEO Aaron Levie Pt. 1

To do digital transformation right, you first have to look past the technology, says Box CEO Aaron Levie: “The allure is, ‘Hey, I’m going to have a new fancy application and digital interface that goes out and touches my customer,” without actually thinking through, what are all the underlying business processes that have to change … Continued

Government Elects to Use Blockchain

Maybe we’re underselling blockchain. Maybe it really could save the world. “The United Nations has taken some interest in that with particularly poorly documented populations. Refugee populations, they need a better sense of who they’ve interacted with, that they’ve given them assistance already, have eligible individuals consumed the assistance they’ve already been given. So some … Continued

Artificial Intelligence: Start Them Young

We often talk about technology changing society. But that change really needs to start with us, and we need to start with the next generation. “I know we often budget annually and do five-year plans, but if you step outside the corporate campus and into a school, you’re really seeing a much longer view of … Continued

Find Your Unicorn: Gartner Cool Vendors 2018

The information Gartner reveals in its annual Cool Vendors reports is not just, well, cool, it is extremely useful for multiple parties in IT. To put it another way, there’s something for everyone. “We have had certainly strategic decisions made by end-user companies based on what they’ve found in the Cool Vendors report. For the … Continued

Career Advice: Read More Science Fiction

You need to boost your artificial intelligence acumen, so perhaps it’s time you took in a good movie. “If you’re looking for entertaining AI insight, the ones I’d recommend are ‘Her,’ which I thought was a very good recent one looking at what could happen with virtual personal assistants, the ‘Autofac’ episode of Amazon’s ‘Electric … Continued

Your Impact on the Gartner IoT Reference Model

We all know we need an Internet of Things blueprint to map out our path to success, but not many of us are sure how to draw one. “They know that they need it. The problem is, they don’t know how to get started. And so they’re typically at an envisioning stage where they think … Continued

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