Speaking Data: Information as a Second Language

There’s a language you speak every day, but Gartner analyst Valerie Logan says you’re probably unaware you’re doing so: “I bet a lot of us speak data without even realizing it. … My husband is a big fantasy football guy, right? So I hear him and his buddies talking data all day long around their … Continued

Let Your Data Tell Your Story

The best spokesman for your organization just might be your data. Gartner analyst James Richardson says it has an advantage over humans in some circumstances: “People rely on their gut feel. They tend to rely on their gut feel above and beyond the data. Sometimes they don’t trust the data; sometimes the data just doesn’t … Continued

Tech Provider Success Requires Strong Positioning

Vendor positioning can be a bit like clearing airport customs. As Gartner analyst Hank Barnes says, you have to first answer, do you have anything to declare? “Here’s what you’re declaring: You’re defining who you serve, who your ideal customer is; what they need and want, the specific problem or the opportunity they’re trying to … Continued

Artificial Intelligence: The Provider View

We’re all using artificial intelligence in our organizations today — even, according to Gartner analyst Jim Hare, when we might not even know it: “There’s at least 10 or more ways that AI is entering into the organizations. And in some ways you can look at it as being done in an invisible way, where … Continued

EU Privacy Rules Have Global Implications

European Union is about to implement new data protection rules, but every organization around the world needs to pay attention. Mark Horvath is a GDRP expert at Gartner: “If you’re not necessarily an EU company, you can still be sued in the EU, if it came to that. These regulations apply to EU citizens wherever … Continued

7 Questions to Ask AI Providers

So you’re looking for an artificial intelligence solution. When it comes to finding the right provider, Gartner analyst Whit Andrews says, take the direct approach: “Hey, so you’ve got AI in this solution, so what’s AI? You don’t have to play dumb, but you can ask the vendor, ‘Lay out for me what artificial intelligence … Continued

Must-Have Skills for Today’s CIOs

Digital transformation requires CIOs to build an ever-expanding set of skills, not just technical but also very well-versed on people skills. Suzanne Adnams is a research vice president at Gartner: “It doesn’t mean that the CIO has to be the expert in everything or be perfect in all of these skills by any stretch of … Continued

You Need to Become Radically Inspired

You have radically inspired leadership — a radically inspired life — just waiting for you to unleash it. Inspirational speaker John O’Leary wonders if he’s getting in your way. “I think the turnoff, candidly, of speakers like John O’Leary, or the guy who climbed Everest, or the guy who survived a plane crash, ate blades … Continued

CIOs Must Transform into Digital Leaders

CIOs can champion the benefits of cloud computing and the potential uses of artificial intelligence, but here’s the question for becoming digital leaders: How good of a storyteller are you? “CIOs also need to become better storytellers to become better persuaders. Businesspeople need to see the value and results in compelling ways, not just be … Continued

Digital Culture Change: What CIOs Must Do

How can CIOs enact a true digital culture change? Gartner Research Vice President Bard Papegaaij offers up a novel idea he’s studied in one organization: “They decided to give people permission to get it wrong. And this was in what was originally a government organization, where any mistake would usually be punished almost by death, … Continued

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