Talent Angle: Psychological Safety, Teamwork and Performance

The Talent Angle, No. 73 Do your employees feel safe asking questions or admitting their mistakes in the workplace? Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School Professor and author of The Fearless Organization, shares how psychological safety in the workplace is critical for fostering employee performance and innovation and creating a culture where talent can feel safe … Continued

Predictions: What Lies Ahead for You in 2019 and Beyond

Gartner ThinkCast No. 176, January 8, 2019 Happy New Year, everybody, and we know you’re all wondering, are we in for a good year or a bad year? “2019 is the year that we will no longer be holding our breath.” (John-David Lovelock, Gartner) And every breath you take, every move you make, we’ll be … Continued

The True Business Value of IT

Gartner ThinkCast, Episode No. 175, December 25, 2018 If you want your business leaders to know how much IT really does for them, take a lesson from the rock band Queen. “Bohemian Rhapsody, is it rock, is it opera, is it a ballad? It is everything, and that makes up its greatness.” (Daniel Sanchez Reina, Gartner) Hey, … Continued

Talent Angle: The Strategy of Blitzscaling

The Talent Angle, No. 72 The world is changing faster and faster and the only way to thrive is to accept the inevitability of change. Blitzscaling is all about rapidly growing and scaling a business or product in the face of uncertainty. Listen to Chris Yeh discuss the techniques that digital companies like Google, LinkedIn … Continued

Break Through to a Digital Culture

Gartner ThinkCast No. 174, December 11, 2018 A successful digital culture starts with the right mission statement — but not this one. “We are transforming into a digital-first organization ready for the challenges of the 21st century, exploiting our ecosystem of partners in order to deliver agility and innovation and engagement to our customer-centric, blah, blah, … Continued

Fortify Your 2019 Agenda

Gartner ThinkCast No. 173, December 4, 2018 Digital business is no longer some aspirational concept. It’s the way you need to do business. “We’re going from everybody talking about digital business and a few being out there to a significant portion of CIOs saying, ‘Yes, we are actually scaling and harvesting the benefits of being … Continued

Talent Angle: The Day After Tomorrow

The Talent Angle, Episode 71 Humankind is on the brink of an unprecedented technological transformation, and people and organizations that prepare properly have a massive opportunity ahead of them. Listen to Peter Hinssen, business school lecturer, futurist, and author of The Day After Tomorrow as he discusses the technological changes that will fundamentally change how … Continued

Transform into a Customer-Centric Organization

Guess what? Your customers really don’t want to hear about your products or services. “Things have changed in the last decade. The companies that are really customer focused today, or customer centric, are the ones that focus on outcomes on the task or objective of the customer. So, instead of selling you a lawnmower, I’m … Continued

Let Data Drive Your Organization

When it comes to your Data and Analytics initiatives, it’s not really about the data … or the analytics. “This is going to surprise everybody that’s listening, a hundred percent. You start with the user community.” (Gartner expert Mark Beyer) Look, we all know that data drives the modern business, and Lord knows there’s a … Continued

Talent Angle: Building a High-Growth IQ Culture

Growing your business is harder to accomplish than ever before. Repeatable, reliable growth depends on your capacity for making the right series of choices at the right time. Tiffani Bova joins the Talent Angle podcast to discuss how successful companies achieved growth by choosing their right paths. TIFFANI BOVA Tiffani Bova is the Wall Street … Continued

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