Your Customers Are Going to Disappear

Don’t you hate calling a vendor or service provider, and each time you do, they act like it’s your first time? So you have to give them all of your basic information once again? Gartner Research Vice President Jenny Sussin says that raises major warning flags: “So then you say, ‘Wouldn’t customers want you to … Continued

Make Digital Business Transformation a Practical Reality

When it comes to embracing digital transformation, haven’t we really heard all of this before? Mike Burkett is a Gartner analyst: “You can get into this discussion, and sooner or later someone says, ‘By the way, what is digital?’ And they’ll say, ‘Haven’t we been implementing digital technologies for years?’” So if we’ve been doing … Continued

The Practical Application of AI

You know you need to be deploying artificial intelligence in some fashion, but where is the right place to deploy it and prove it was indeed the right place? Whit Andrews leads AI research at Gartner: “I talked to an organization not long ago and they said, ‘What should my first AI project be?’ Well, … Continued

It’s Time to Increase Your Digital Bet

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. For you CIOs, Jaime Capella of CEB now Gartner says it much better than Charles Dickens in this case: “It’s a great time to be a CIO. There’s never been a better time to be … Continued

CIOs Must Speak Out as Digital Evangelists

It’s not enough for CIOs and IT leaders to just guide the digital evolution of technology at their organization. They need to inspire change. Jaime Capella is the Principal Executive Advisor with CEB, now Gartner’s IT Practice: “There’s a very important evangelist role that the CIO can and must play — and not just the CIO, … Continued

CIOs & CEOs, Stop Being Digital Wusses

 Yes, we are all doing digital in some way, but Gartner Research Fellow Mark Raskino says, most of us are not doing enough. “I did call out rather too loudly in my presentation that some of the internal monologues and the stuff going on in their own minds, it’s holding them back. And I called … Continued

Reinventing the Application Organization

No one needs to tell you that the business world is changing as digital transformation expands. So maybe you should consider changing your application organization, too? Matt Hotle is a research vice president at Gartner: “The pace of change is accelerating. So maybe you can outrun it. Maybe you can push yourself, and just try … Continued

10 Habits of Customer-Centric Organizations

The clichés are drilled into us: “The customer comes first.” “The customer is always right.” But are we really putting the customer at the center of our initiatives, especially on the IT side? Gartner analyst Jenny Sussin says no: “When you talk to a lot of IT executives and you say, ‘Who’s your customer,’ they’ll … Continued

Why is User Experience So Hard to Deliver?

Listen to any organization these days and the mission seems to be delivering a better User Experience. Yet, one question lingers over all of these efforts: Why is User Experience so hard to deliver? “We have built organizations to fail at User Experience. We all of these well-meaning, competent designers that are put in these organizations; … Continued

Cloud Computing 2017: What Comes Next?

Cloud computing enters its second decade, and Gartner’s David Mitchell Smith says that while the first decade was indeed the Cloud Decade, one thing is clear: Whatever defines the next decade, it will need the cloud to make to it happen. “The first ten (years), the cloud was more about disrupting things by itself. It … Continued

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