Determine Your Organization’s Best AI Approach

Whit Andrews
Whit Andrews

It’s called artificial intelligence, but the buzz around it is very real. We hear every scenario … from how it will completely change the way we do business and drive unprecedented success – to doomsday scenarios that say the machines are taking over. Whit Andrews is a lead author of the new Gartner special report “Applied Artificial Intelligence: Applications for Machine Learning:”

“We’ve actually doubled our inquiry from last year to this year around artificial intelligence and machine learning questions. In fact, that itself was a triple from the year before. So, there really is nothing quite like that in terms of hype today. And what we’re telling people with this special report is that AI projects, they might under-deliver, they might stall, they might even fail, but it’s time for businesses to start experimenting with artificial intelligence using experimental models, in order to start learning their own lessons about AI and how it can be applied.”

What are the lessons you need to know? How can you best deploy AI and turn it into your competitive advantage? Whit Andrews shares the latest insights and best practices as we dive into the extensive contents of Gartner’s latest special research report.


  • 01:01 — The focus of the new Gartner special report
  • 01:53 — Not all in agreement on AI
  • 03:37 — AI questions to ask vendors
  • 05:38 — Three main AI trends
  • 09:12 — Key elements for AI strategies
  • 12:19 — The Gartner AI Special Report


Whit Andrews is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. Mr. Andrews is the agenda manager for Artificial Intelligence. He addresses in particular use cases and business opportunities for AI and cognitive computing. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Andrews was a senior editor at Internet World magazine for four years, where he covered electronic commerce and the major web portals. Previous to that, he worked as a newspaper reporter.


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