Planning and Implementing an IoT Strategy

Erik Heidt
Erik Heidt

It’s time to move faster to formulate your Internet of Things strategy, but first, you need to slow down. Gartner Research Vice President Erik Heidt says the hype is outpacing what’s really possible right now.

“So, for example, artificially intelligent production plants that simply run themselves lights out, sans people. Clearly, this is something that is discussed in some sort of, like, futurist literature about IoT, it’s been depicted in science fiction films. Is it likely? Yes, I think so, to be a future reality that becomes more and more true. But in terms of executing it right now today, that’s a different story.”

Erik Heidt is a lead author of the Gartner IoT trend report, “Implementing and Executing Your Internet of Things Strategy.” He joins us to discuss why now is time to make sure you get moving on your IoT strategy, what is the right pace to be moving at, and how to make it happen.



  • 00:37 — Why is IoT adoption slowing down?
  • 02:46 — Are we more pragmatic now?
  • 04:53 — The biggest challenge
  • 06:30 — Are Business and IT on the same page?


3 Keys to IoT Strategy Implementation


Erik Heidt is the Research Agenda Manager for Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP). Mr. Heidt covers Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, IoT strategy as well as security and risk management within the IoT context. Mr. Heidt focuses on developing and delivering research related to the architecture, development and operation of IoT for both users and suppliers. Mr. Heidt has more than 24 years of IT industry experience, with a significant focus on information security and risk management. In his 11 years with Fifth Third bank, Mr. Heidt progressed through a number of information security and risk management roles. These included managing the Information Security Architecture team, developing the information security and risk management programs at a major subsidiary, and leading the IT Risk Management organization. 


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Securing the Internet of Things: An Architectural and Risk-Driven Approach

Security is a top concern and significant inhibitor to Internet of Things (IoT) adoption. In this webinar, Erik Heidt will identify the major architectural components of IoT architecture and perform risk analysis of each. We will focus on examining security within the Edge. A model of breaking down Edge systems into architectural components that are suited for security analysis will be provided.