Speaking Data: Information as a Second Language

Valerie Logan
Valerie Logan

There’s a language you speak every day, but Gartner analyst Valerie Logan says you’re probably unaware you’re doing so:

“I bet a lot of us speak data without even realizing it. … My husband is a big fantasy football guy, right? So I hear him and his buddies talking data all day long around their players and the stats and the probability. I hear it, you know, when we talk about a weather forecast, or when we’re looking at our household finances and negotiating an insurance policy. I mean, even the GPS, right, as you’re being guided down the road. These are all speaking data; we just don’t even realize we’re doing it.”

It’s time you turn information into a second language. Yet, how exactly does one start “speaking data”? And how do you get the rest of your organization to follow suit? For those answers and more, we spoke with Gartner Research Director Valerie Logan on why it’s time you need to learn information as a second language.


  • 00:38 — Are You Multi-Lingual?
  • 02:18 — Speaking Data?
  • 03:44 — Do We Really Speak Data?
  • 05:30 — Why Should We Speak Data?
  • 07:10 — Know Both Sides
  • 08:40 — Data Literacy
  • 10:02 — Information as a Second Language
  • 12:04 — Where Do We Start?


Valerie Logan is a Research Director in the Data and Analytics group within Gartner Research, where she covers information management strategies, advanced analytics and related change management topics. She is a member of the Office of the CDO (Chief Data Officer) research team. Ms. Logan has more than 25 years of experience, including two decades of global consulting practice management in the information and intelligence domains, and five years of applied experience in the telecommunications industry at both field and enterprise levels. Ms. Logan is an active and passionate thought leader in the areas of information sciences and business intelligence strategies, supporting clients with their information and analytics evolution. She is a natural systems thinker – able to understand and distill complex concepts and systems for general understanding. Ms. Logan is recognized as a pioneer in innovative consulting practices – recognized by Consulting Magazine in 2008 as one of eight top women in global consulting. She is known as an inspiring motivator, genuine advisor and change agent – driven by a passion to synthesize information to solve real-world problems.


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