Don’t Miss the Opportunity for Cost Savings Offered by Self-Service

Data shows a missed opportunity in service and support centers when customers unnecessarily switch to live channels.

Customers today are quite happy to use self-service channels, but they’re also quick to switch to live channels if they don’t get the resolution they need. When customers make this move for an issue that could have been resolved without live assistance, it costs the organization more. 

Gartner research shows that service executives believe 40% or more of today’s live volume could be resolved in self-service channels, yet only 9% of customer service journeys are solved entirely in self-service channels. Interactions that are solvable via self-service but require switching to live support may end up costing 80 to 100 times more than self-service-only interactions. If using multiple live channels, it can exceed 100 times the cost.

Gartner depicts customer resolution journeys and the associated costs.

To capture the promise of cost savings, make sure self-service channels are appropriately suited and highly effective for solving issues and drive traffic there; don’t just keep adding and integrating more channel offerings into the support center.

By taking this approach, one multilevel marketing organization was able to increase in just one year the amount of customers using self-service to resolve issues from start to finish. The realized cost savings were reinvested in part to improve functionality and acquire higher-quality talent.

Rethink Your Digital Self-Service Strategy

Establish a strategy that prioritizes resolution, not channel choice.

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