The Gartner benchmark validated that we were receiving competitive pricing for the service levels we expected. The benchmark was useful in paving the way for our contract extension.
Michael Gold
Director, European Services, Amway (Germany)
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IT Cost Optimization

As CIOs shift their focus from cost reduction to preparing for growth, an effective IT Cost Optimization (ITCO) program is essential for ensuring strategic initiatives can be supported while funding remains constrained.

Today, CIOs are responding to efficiency requirements driven from both normal business pressures (e.g., earnings pressure) and major events (M&A) while maintaining an eye on future growth.

Gartner Consulting has the fact-based data, tools and experience to help clients quickly identify opportunity areas for action in the short-term, while working with clients to determine the strategic IT moves needed to become agile and scalable to enable the business during recovery.


We understand the key issues you are facing.
  • Gaining efficiencies without damaging the business in the process.
  • Maintaining focus on key priorities to meet specific business needs.
  • "Rightsizing" the organization to align with business requirements.
  • Enabling funding availability for strategic initiatives.
  • Managing the IT portfolio proactively to maximize the IT value.
  • Improving capacity for high performance.
  • Positioning the business for sustainable growth.
  • Need to support and enable innovation efforts across the company.


We have the data, tools and capabilities to help.
  • Dedicated research and advisory services supporting a community of over 3,600 CIOs and IT Executives.
  • Assessment models, benchmarks, and proven methods to develop and maintain best practices.
  • Global reach and experience to support complex issues and environments.
  • Pragmatic, fact-based, data-driven approaches that drive measurable outcomes including: IT Strategy, Governance, Organization Design and IT Management Processes.


We have a proven track record supporting IT cost optimization initiatives.