Digital Business Ecosystems & The Platform Economy

The leverage organizations need to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage

Opportunities & challenges:

  • Digital innovation is driving the move to business ecosystems by driving increasing interconnection, making it easy and quick to connect everything.
  • Business ecosystems offer unprecedented access to the capabilities, resources and talent on a global scale that sets the stage for innovation.
  • To leverage business ecosystems organizations will need a paradigm shift in perspective, away from the traditional supply – demand economic perspective.
  • The shift to business ecosystems requires a change in the people, processes and technologies that underpin the organization.

What You Need to Know:

  • There are critical mechanisms for capitalizing on business ecosystems opportunities and responding to threats, including APIs, digital platforms, events and programmable economy (including blockchain).

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Digital Platforms

Digital business platforms are:

  • a stable base of IT services
  • modular and service-oriented
  • Bring together the organization's own systems and contributions from outsourcers and "as a service" providers.

Digital platforms underpin the creation of new business models by integrating ecosystems of people, business and things.

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API Enabled

Information is an Asset that must be shared and protected

  • The API Economy is:

    • A set of business models and channels
    • Based on secure access of functionality and exchange of data to an ecosystem
    • Through an API, either within a company or on the Internet with business partners and customers".
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Event Driven

Event driven IT is a top priority

By 2020, achieving broad competence in event-driven IT will be a top-three priority for the majority of global enterprise CIOs.

A key distinction of a digital business is that it’s event-centric, which means it’s always sensing, always ready and always learning.

Leaders guiding a digital transformation initiative must make ‘event thinking’ the technical, organizational and cultural foundation of their strategy.”

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Programmable economy is the global-scale aggregation of algorithmic businesses and decentralized autonomous organizations enabled by metacoin platforms.

  • Metacoin platforms are the key technology foundation to the programmable economy.
  • Consist of lightweight, distributed autonomous agents with imbued purpose via embedded rules and business logic
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