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IT Spending Forecast, 4Q15 Update: What Will Make Headlines in 2016?

High-Tech Tuesday Webinar Series

Discussion Topics:

  • Where Gartner sees IT spending growth in 2016 and through 2019
  • The four big headlines that will define 2016

2015 is finally behind us. The year, marked by slow growth and anxiety over the effect of the rising U.S. dollars on the world's economy, is now history. 2016 will be a very interesting year. In this webinar, we cover the effects of the world's reaction to ISIS and the refugee crisis and take you through the state of global and regional spending on IT. New players are spending IT money, new modes of spending are increasing the pace of IT adoption and new offerings are changing the IT landscape. We then turn our focus to four headlines that you will read in 2016 stories that will fundamentally reshape what is bought, who buys it and how much will be spent.

Hosted by:

John-David Lovelock

Research VP