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IT Spending Forecast, 3Q16 Update: Impacts of Brexit Not Limited to the U.K.

Discussion Topics:

  • Where Gartner sees IT spending growth in 2016 through 2019
  • How the U.K. IT market is changing
  • The global deleterious effects from Brexit

"May you live in interesting times." has never been more true. 2016 is rapidly becoming the little spending engine that could. Despite the many shocks that have could have derailed IT spending, global IT spending growth continues to be positive, even if it is best described as lackluster. 2016 is the year that business focus returns to growth. Digital business, the Nexus of Forces, IoT, and even algorithmic business are top initiatives of business leaders. Brexit, negative interest rates, and other global economic uncertainties have not changed these initiatives, but, they are reshaping what IT is purchased, who is buying technology and from whom. In this webinar, we walk through the direct and deleterious effects Brexit is having on global IT spending to highlight how economic impacts directly and indirectly affects IT markets.

Hosted by:

John-David Lovelock

Research VP




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