Successful enterprise risk management (ERM) functions stay up to date by considering top trends and key priorities from other ERM functions around the globe. 

Gartner’s 2018 State of the ERM Function benchmarks report helps you rethink resource allocation, secure support for important initiatives and enable your team to contribute more to the organization. 

Download our preview report by filling out your information below, and learn more about the four top trends for ERM functions: 

  1. Many organizations now consider their ERM functions to be relatively mature, and the function has begun to take on a leadership role among assurance functions.
  2. ERM teams experienced a moderate increase to their budgets in 2018, with staffing levels remaining flat. 
  3. The majority of ERM functions now use advanced data analytics, although few do so across most or all of their activities. 
  4. ERM participation in many business processes remains low, and few ERM teams are involved in digital transformations that are important to strategic initiatives.