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Charlotte Boliver

Director Analyst

Charlotte Boliver is a Senior Principal, Advisory for Gartner's R&D Leadership Council. Ms. Boliver supports chief technology officers and heads of R&D and innovation by unpacking the causes of their critical challenges and providing guidance rooted in best practice research to help leaders make more informed decisions.

Ms. Boliver has worked with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies across all major industries. She specializes in helping clients effectively develop R&D/innovation talent, build a culture of innovation, and upgrade their new product development process (including improving their front-end innovation and ideation processes, evaluating new technologies and opportunity spaces, build long-term technology roadmaps, and optimizing their product development processes more holistically).

Previous experience

Ms. Boliver brings client-facing commercial experience from her past role in account management. She has a well-rounded understanding of different functional leadership perspectives having worked closely with heads of finance, FP&A, accounting & reporting, investor relations, shared services, and audit/risk, which she uses in her current role as an R&D Advisor.

Professional background


Account Management

Areas of coverage

New Product Development

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1building long term R&D strategic plans and technology roadmaps

2improving the process steps and tools for surfacing, analyzing and selecting ideas, gathering meaningful voice of customer, and identifying trends and opportunity spaces to innovate within

3increasing speed to market and product success through development techniques and skills

4improving innovation and leadership skills/capabilities

5developing a culture of innovation within the function and teams to drive growth and employee engagement and retention