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How tech CEOs can make confident, strategic and collaborative decisions to accelerate growth plan

2022 Leadership Vision for Tech CEOs

Accelerated digital technology innovation, changing buyer behavior and new business models add complex dimensions to how technology service providers think about every part of the organization.

To help you prioritize your time and energy we’ve created this Gartner Leadership Vision eBook to provide top-level guidance on where to focus — based on our data-driven research.

Discover the top 3 strategic priorities for tech CEOs.

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    Gartner is not only a unique and valuable source of advice and information, but also a huge network. The more effort you put into the network, the more value you get from it.

    Victor Ruiz

    Partner, CEO, Tecsisa

    How we address tech CEOs’ top challenges

    Gartner experts have worked with vast numbers of emerging tech provider CEOs across the entire landscape of the technology and service provider industry. They know what it takes to lead a successful emerging tech provider business, and can help CEOs make their most critical business decisions faster and smarter while minimizing risk to their businesses.

    Product launch and strategy

    Develop and validate a winning product, define innovations, drive competitive differentiation, generate leads, land your first customer and replicate success.

    Customer acquisition

    Identify and prioritize the biggest growth opportunities to capture the greatest market share.

    Corporate development

    Build a plan for profitable growth and align your priorities. Understand how to operationalize and execute on your vision, and communicate it clearly to make it stick.

    Business performance management

    Manage organization performance and talent, effectively manage growth, margins and ROI, optimize the organization, see how you stack up against peers and stay current on best practices.

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    Gartner Priorities Navigator™ for Tech CEOs

    To help you swiftly scale your business and seize new market opportunity, explore the Gartner Priorities Navigator for Tech CEOs, which is built around four key business priorities for emerging tech provider CEOs:  

    • Product strategy and launch
    • Customer acquisition
    • Corporate development
    • Business performance management

    Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,000 enterprises in 100+ countries.

    Learn more about how we can help you achieve your mission-critical priorities.