Expanding the Scope of Digitalization to Drive Business Value


Q-Chem, a chemical manufacturing company, wanted to start a digital awareness program and educate the organization about digital capabilities benefits. Leveraging the Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™, Q-Chem was able to expand the scope of digitalization to the next level of maturity and drive tangible business value.

Mission-critical priorities

  • Understand the as-is digital capability to kick-start a companywide digital awareness program that fits the organization's level of maturity
  • Avoid talking about digital capabilities that are too complex
  • Start small to get the workforce and executives buy-in

How Gartner helped

  • Gartner conducted two half-day interactive workshops attended by approximately 300 Q-Chem employees as well as an Executive-level focused meeting on digital transformation scenarios and opportunities
  • The workshops leveraged several Gartner Assessment tools as well as live polls to test out the workforce's willingness to embrace certain transformation initiatives

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, Q-Chem’s Information Systems Manager was able to:

  • Prioritize the initiatives with higher impact and higher acceptance level across the workforce
  • Fast track the digital strategy execution, building on the consensus across the workforce 

Chemical Manufacturing

~800M USD (FY 2021)


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Gartner has been very flexible in adapting to our needs and helped us create and deliver an effective digital awareness program. My Gartner team brought fresh ideas, an outside-in perspective on digital which contributed to galvanize the workforce.

Hamad D Al-Rewaily

Information Systems Manager, Q-Chem (Qatar Chemical Company Ltd.)

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