Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™

The Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ provides CIOs and technology executives with a common language that connects strategic digital priorities to underlying digital enablers to measure and track the impact of technology investments.

Unite the C-suite and board to achieve your digital priorities

Drive CEO- and board-of-director-level digital strategy conversations

  • Effectively demonstrate the value of your digital strategy.
  • Establish the digital strategy through a common language.
  • Prioritize what uniquely will drive success.
  • Communicate the digital objectives based on industry and digital leader. benchmarks.

Establish tighter alignment across multiple functions within the organization

  • Communicate the digital objectives through a common language.
  • Delegate metrics to key partners across the organization.
  • Secure effective cross-functional workstreams.

Establish common measurements across your organization

  • Track progress against your objectives.
  • Repeat the assessment as often as needed to communicate the progress.

Why leaders love Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™

Gain competitive insights

Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ offers over 15 industries and subindustries to compare to your own organization’s progress.

Benchmark your organization’s performance

CIOs and technology executives use the assessment results to compare their organizations against peers, competitors and top digital performers across various industries.

Assess progress online with easy updates

Complete the assessment as often as needed to communicate progress against their digital priorities across their organizations. Our best-in-class clients get the most value by completing an assessment multiple times per year.

Talk to us about how the Scorecard and Gartner insights can help you

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Measure your outcomes against 5 critical digital priorities

Gartner has established five key priorities based on our research of best-in-class organizations and our objective insight into digital transformation initiatives. For each priority, utilize common measurements as a baseline and track progress against your organization's digital objectives.

Prioritize IT Initiatives against 12 digital enablers

Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ helps you determine where you want to lead and focus your digital initiatives and where to simply stay the course. This is achieved by benchmarking your performance against the main strategic priorities and the 12 digital enablers of an operating model and technology platform.

Accelerate the execution of your digital strategy

Identify the largest gaps between your performance, objectives, and industry peer initiatives. Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ gives specific, actionable steps on how to improve your performance for each KPI, with links to key Gartner resources. Answers and responses can be modified in real time as your organization progresses.

Communicate your digital roadmap

Through engaging visuals, benchmarks and actionable next steps, Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ enables you to drive conversations with the C-suite and board on digital priorities and progress.

Client testimonials

“Digital Execution Scorecard™ gives the global view of digital transformation I needed to make the board understand that digitalization is not just technology, it’s also about culture, talent and organization.”

CIO, Public Sector

Transforming From a Legacy Bank Into an Innovative Digital Bank

By utilizing the Gartner Digital Execution Scorecard™ our banking client was able to enhance its digital services, leading to growth in core services revenue and success in addressing digital priorities to enable growth in nonadjacent markets.

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