CIO Role in Digital Transformation

CIOs and IT leaders must become digital strategy agents for their organizations

The pace of digital change will never be this slow again

To keep pace with digitalization and technological innovation, CIOs must reshape their role from delivery executive to business executive. They must help their organizations move beyond digital experimentation and pilots, and bring digital best practices to scale.

Gartner helped guide us around our strategic planning, our future planning, enhancing our governance models to ensure we’re firstly client-focused but also outcome-focused and contemporary, moving away from the traditional ICT governance model.

Michael Draheim

Chief Information Officer, Metro South Health

How we address your top challenges

Digitalization and innovation are transforming your role as CIO from delivery executive to business executive — from controlling costs and reengineering processes to exploiting data and driving revenue. We have the insights, advice and tools to help you get there.

2020 CIO Agenda: Resilience During Disruption

What allows fit organizations to thrive? Learn 10 key capabilities in three areas that distinguish fit organizations from fragile counterparts.

Three Actions for CIOs to Transform Their Digital Organizations

CEOs are increasingly turning to digital investments to drive growth. These initiatives must improve product/service competitiveness or create new market opportunities. CIOs can lead or help transform their firms to exploit technology innovation and become more digitally product-centric.

Transformation Requires Collaboration

Changing the culture to be more collaborative requires specifying what that means, getting started through conversation and action, and measuring change.

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