Strategy & Insights for Tribal Enterprises

To continue supporting Indian Country, Gartner launched a free resource created specifically for Tribal Nations and tribal enterprises called SITE — Strategy & Insights for Tribal Enterprises. SITE provides trusted insights, strategic advice and practical tools tailored for Tribal Nations and enterprises to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the successful organizations of tomorrow. SITE equips tribes with selected research for executives, IT leaders and their teams; access to webinars covering a broad range of business, leadership and IT topics; and the ability to participate in Tribal IT benchmarking efforts.  The Tribal Community operates within a unique set of business and technology initiatives. Tribal executives, CIOs and IT leaders must calculate and communicate the impact of strategy and technology decisions in a way that supports both Tribal Nation objectives and enterprise objectives. For more than 18 years, Gartner has served as a trusted advisor to executives, IT leaders and their teams in Tribal Nations, Tribal Enterprises, Tribal Government Contracting Entities, and Tribal Gaming and Hospitality Enterprises.

We provide the insights and guidance you need to make the right business and technology decisions and effectively communicate their value to the business and the Nation. Gartner supports Indian Country, and we believe in supporting the advancement of Tribal Nations and protecting Tribal Sovereignty. We are an Associate Member of NIGA, Member of TribalHub, Sponsor of TribalNet, Sponsor of CNIGA, and supporter of multiple national and regional tribal organizations.

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A More Powerful Resource for Tribal Enterprises   Hear from Mike Day,  founder and CEO of TribalHub, and from part of Gartner’s Tribal Team Amos Auringer and Jannine Salo, as they look at the changes and upgrades that both TribalHub and SITE by Gartner are delivering to their tribal clients to better serve the unique needs of Tribal Nations and tribal enterprises. 

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Saving Culture: Addressing Tribal Nations’ Unique Needs   Hear from Jannine Salo who heads up a unique client group at Gartner – the Tribal Nations and Tribal Enterprises team, which works directly with native tribes across North America on a fascinating mission. For Jannine and her colleagues, helping clients go digital is just as much about preserving the past as creating a better future.

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When I list the strategic technology partners for the Nation, Gartner is always on that list. The research they have performed, the analyst calls we have held and the contract assessments they have completed have saved us time and money. Every decision we make from an IT perspective includes feedback and input from Gartner.

David Ledford

CIO, Tribal Nation in Oklahoma

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Jannine Salo
Client Director/Team Lead, Tribal Enterprises