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November 2, 2018

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Michael Day

Michael Day is the Founder and Executive Officer of TribalHub, which includes TribalNet, TribalFocus, TribalWise and TribalValue. Prior to his current position, Michael was the CIO and Director of Consulting Services for Cannery Casino Resorts, which grew from two to four gaming and hotel properties in Nevada and Pennsylvania during his tenure. Cannery also offered and delivered consulting services to tribal casinos. Day gained his first professional experience while working for the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians where he was an instrumental member of the management team that guided the organization’s phenomenal growth from approximately 100 employees at his start date in 1989 to more than 4000 employees before his departure in 2006. As the Director of Information Technology for the Sault Tribe, Day was responsible for all of the technology infrastructure and design for the opening of five Kewadin Casino and Hotel properties and the Greektown Casino in Detroit, MI. Mike was a key executive involved in the opening of many additions to all of the Kewadin properties as well as over 25 other large Sault Tribe properties including Health Centers, a sports and fitness arena, gas stations, manufacturing businesses and large office complexes. Throughout his career, Mike has maintained a passion for driving growth, opportunity and success. He is the founder of several successful businesses and organizations including TribalNet and NorthernWay. He was the driving force behind the creation of both the Native American Technology Research Center (NATRC) and the Gaming and Hospitality Research Center (GHRC). As a member of multiple industry advisory boards, a frequent speaker at Gaming and Tribal events and a regular contributor to industry magazines, his vision and accomplishments have been recognized by many industry publications. In 2016 Day was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award from his industry peers and Gaming and Leisure Magazine.

Amos Auringer

Amos Auringer is a Vice President, Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs. Mr. Auringer engages with the executive and senior leaders of Fortune 500 public and private sector companies in corporate strategic planning, business strategies, leadership and performance management, and designing new operating models. His experience spans many industries: manufacturing, communications, logistics, R&D, finance, defense, government, energy, healthcare, higher education, and startups. He focuses on bringing innovation and digital strategies to life in organizations as new sources of value and competitive advantage. Mr. Auringer has worked in many large and complex organizations globally. He was the director and chief architect for many large-scale corporate transformation initiatives, R&D programs and innovation programs. As an operations and business leader for Science Applications International Corp., he led several major initiatives and mergers, and business partnerships. He worked closely with many startup businesses and R&D organizations to obtain financing and commercialize technologies. Mr. Auringer started his career as an engineer, followed by positions in education, energy, satellite system planning, software design, and business and corporate leadership. He has held several executive/senior business leadership positions and gained significant operational experience serving in the U.S. military and in national research institutes. He was Gartner’s Global practice lead for Executive Programs Higher Education Leaders.

Jannine Salo

Jannine Salo works with all of our Tribal Nations and Tribal Enterprises. She works closely with our client CIOs and their support staff to ensure that they are leveraging all that is available to them with their Gartner memberships. Ms. Salo has spent several years working within Indian Country directly with Tribal Councils, Tribal Enterprises and Tribal Organizations as a trusted advisor and strategist. Prior experience includes national cultural competency curriculum development and training and large-scale strategic assessments and planning for organizations such as United South & Eastern Tribes (USET) and Amber Alert. As a former SVP leading innovative teams with Web-based projects ranging from interactive language kiosks for preservation and revitalization purposes, to tribal-facing website initiatives, her teams won several Webby Awards and received national recognition. Ms. Salo served as the strategist for USET for many years under the presidency of Brian Patterson. She has been an associate member and supporter of NIGA, USET, CNIGA, GPIGA and TribalNet. She has also been an avid supporter of Pechanga.net, the largest online news source for tribal news, gaming and tribal gaming news. 

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