Top Insights for HR

Drive culture change through process-focused strategies

Create an organizational culture that performs

Culture is now discussed in 61% of earning calls, making it the most discussed talent issue and a clear priority for CEOs. Learn how progressive companies are effectively driving culture change by shifting from people-focused to process-focused strategies.

Rethink expectations for manager coaching

Companies rely more on managers today to deliver coaching and development to their direct reports, but heavy workloads and high expectations are causing manager quality to stagnate and employee performance to suffer. Discover how to improve employee performance by up to 26% by developing and supporting Connector managers.

Address pay equity today, not tomorrow

Progress toward equal pay has stalled and, despite increased investment, role-to-role pay gaps are trending upward at a rate of 0.17% per year. Find out how leading companies promote pay equity through the application of assessments, managing employee perception and examining the entire talent life cycle rather than simply correcting existing gaps.

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