Information Technology

Take Greater Advantage of Software Engineering to Grow Business Value

| 1 hour

Digital product organizations deliver more software faster than ever, but they still struggle to satisfy their business customers and stakeholders. Many organizations commit a great deal of time and resources to implementing agile and DevOps, with the goal of delivering business value faster. Yet, too often, software engineering teams focus on how long it takes to create value, but fail to account for how much value is created. This complimentary webinar will help IT and software engineering leaders take greater advantage of software development to generate more business value. We will explore methods to assess value created through software development, and how you can use it to mature business capabilities and ultimately achieve the goals of the overall business strategy.

  • Establish metrics that shift your software development focus to value delivery

  • Work with diverse business stakeholders to create a holistic definition of value

  • Establish feedback loops to experiment, measure, learn and improve

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Keith Mann

Sr Director Analyst

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