Information Technology

CIOs, Eliminate Friction to Enable Digital Government Transformation

| 1 hour

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Accelerating digital government transformation must focus on modernizing public sector administration, not technology. If government CIOs are to succeed,IT must be an enabler, not a friction point that inhibits transformation. Services and data must be readily available to stakeholders to drive change, individuals need the right tools at their disposal, and the organization has to be aligned to democratize digital by design. This complimentary public sector webinar explores the actions that government CIOs and technology executives must take to future-ready their organization for transformation at scale.

Discussion Topics:
  • Enable expanded integration of data and services to drive digital adoption
  • Find out what tools governments use to enable faster, more agile digital development
  • Organize IT to enable business practice modernization across the government

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Hosted by

Bill Finnerty

VP Analyst